Filming New Hanover County

Responsible Restaurants: We Love Chops!

Video Recap: Compostable and recyclable to-go food containers, "the benefits greatly outweigh the costs, I think it's worth a little extra spending on my part . . . it's our home, we should take care of it." Brad Corpening, Co-Owner Chops Deli

Visit Chop's Deli and check out their website for daily lunch specials by clicking the logo.

This video brought to you by Keep New Hanover Beautiful, credited film makers Lizzie Bankowski and Paige Marsicano.  


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Recycle or Compost?

Everything you need to know!

Do you know the difference between recycling and composting?  NHC's Environmental Director Joe Suleyman explains why both are important, and how you can do your part.

Did you find this helpful?  We'd love to hear your feedback, and your questions.   What to do with household waste?  We have an answer for tomatoes, electronics and everything in between.  


This short film is brought to you by Keep New Hanover Beautiful, an effort to share our knowledge and empower residents to improve our great city!  For more information click here.