Did you know? New Hanover FAQ

April 4, 2017


How to Reduce Your Foot Print:


Say no to Styrofoam or Recycle 6!

For now, New Hanover County cannot recycle these items.  

Try to seek other recyclable packages or compostable options.


Beer caps can be recycled too!  Who knew?


Skip the straw!

Did you know?  Straws cannot be recycled!!!


Use reusable grocery bags! Or Paper before plastic always.

In New Hanover, plastic bags are only recycled at a proper bag drop off in your local grocery store.  If these bags end up in a recycle bin and do not get removed in the sorting process they will jam the master grinders.  

Big pain!


Go Electronic!

Receipts can’t be recycled, packed with BPAs for quick printing, it’s best to trash any paper copies you have.


Peanut Butter!

Don’t need to scrape every bit of peanut butter out of the jar, recycling technology in our county can handle minor food debris, but it’s best to rinse containers to avoid attracting stinging insects in summer months.  Ouch!


Most Household Hazardous Wastes can be accepted in NHC.  Check out their website: http://recycling.nhcgov.com/


Now go! Be apart of the solution!

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