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June 3, 2017

Recycling program turns cigarette butts into plastic, WECT


"During our monthly clean-ups, we saw we had a problem with the amount of cigarette butts littered around Wilmington, so we looked into options to divert this litter from our environment and our landfill," said Dick Brightman of Keep New Hanover Beautiful.




New recycling program aims to keep your butts off Wilmington streets, Port City Daily



“When these cigarette butts are thrown out, often times they end up in our waterways,” Brightman said. “Fish, turtles and even pets can end up ingesting these if they’re hungry enough. Not to mention, they’re not doing any good sitting in a landfill.”



Wilmington Aims to Curb Cigarette Litter, Coastal Review Online


“When Keep New Hanover Beautiful approached me about this program, I was quite receptive to the idea of redirecting cigarettes from the landfill,” said David Ingram, Wilmington’s solid waste manager.

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