Project Seabin

Our newest initiative focuses on tackling litter in our waterways and oceans. In late 2020, KNHB was awarded two Seabins through Keep America Beautiful in partnership with The Seabin Project of Australia.

These devices have been installed along the Cape Fear River as well as the Intracoastal Waterway. Our goals are to collect and research marine debris trapped by these devices in hopes to better understand and conquer our local waste streams.

So far we have collected over 400lbs of debris, averaging 100lbs weekly! Keep scrolling for more information.

The Seabin V5

"The V5 Seabin unit is a “trash skimmer” designed to be installed in the water of Marinas, Yacht Clubs, Ports and any water body with a calm environment and suitable services available.

The unit acts as a floating garbage bin skimming the surface of the water by pumping water into the device. The Seabin V5 can intercept: floating debris, macro and micro plastics and even micro fibres with an additional filter. By acting as a trash skimmer, the Seabin V5 is also able to clean the water from contaminated organic material (leaves, seaweed, etc…)."

- The Seabin Project