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BeBot Beach Robot


What is the BeBot?

BeBots are beach screening robots that screen sand 1-4" below the surface. They were created in France by Searial Cleaners.

These robots screen sand for debris including microplastics that are not readily visible to the human eye. Fully controlled by a handheld remote, with a human always present with the robot. 


They are 100% electric & emit no harmful gasses, greenhouse or otherwise.

What does a BeBot do?

A BeBot targets waste & debris that sit below the sands surface- the discarded waste not visible just walking on the sand.These particles are sifted and collected.


This machine generates a considerable amount of awareness of its purpose, and interest from beach-goers, prompting questions from adults, and children.


What does a BeBot collect? 

Items such as: 

  • Plastic Bottles

  • Cigarette Butts

  • Packaging

  • Bottle Caps

  • Cardboard 

  • Cotton buds

  • And more!

What does the operations for the BeBot look like? 

  • The BeBot does not contribute to erosion by compacting the sane and fragmentation (due to a low max sifting depth and low pressure exerted on the sand)

    • Ultra-light, 1,300 lbs are evenly distributed on large tracks 

    • It will not disturb wetlands, dunes or nesting areas. It is operated on dry sand only. 

  • The BeBot has up to 3 hours of battery life (with the option to bring an additional extra battery), and can access areas in tight spaces. 

    • Screening width: approx 36’’

    • Screening Depth: 1.5-2.0’’ 

    • Screen Capacity: 21 Gallons

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